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Permeable Pavers :: Roman Cobble Green Pavers

Roman Cobble Green Permeable pavers are the latest environmentally-friendly hardscapeproduct from CST. Roman Cobble Green provides sharp styling and optimum protection against storm water run-off, allowing for the readmission of water into the ground and the natural re-charge of the aquifer. Plus, CST’s Permeable pavers help protect the environment from dangerous pollutants in storm water run-off. Permeable pavers, are the ideal solution for eco-friendly hardscape design and optimum aesthetic appeal.


  • Large Cobble:
    6 x 9 x 31/8


Solar Reflective Index (SRI) :
SRI is a criterion used by the US Green Building Council,that measures values of sunlight and radiation from constructed surfaces. CST offers the above colors that meet or exceed.

  • grey ( SRI )

  • antique grey

  • butternut

  • hickory blend

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